Business Profile 


Company name Rose Garden Banquet Complex  

Address :  93/4, 1st Kilometer Post, Ragama rd,

Kadawata, Sri-Lanka 

Phone No :   0112925021, 0114017543

Company name Hotel Stargazer  

Address :   Dandugama Thotupola, Ja Ela, Sri Lanka 

Phone No :   0114209492  

Website URL :


Company name Athula Caterers Private Limited  

Established date: October, 1986

Business Reg: PV 6321  

Address:    52/7, Jayasinghe Mawatha, Ragama Road,Kadwatha

Phone No:    0112925455, 0114886693  

Fax No:   0114816555  

Website URL:  

Email address:



Mission & Vision

Our mission at Athula Caterers (Pvt) Ltd is providing quality service. Food is our passion, therefore no matter how large or how small the event we cook from the heart. Our focus is freshness, quality, and affordability. Choosing Athula Caterers (Pvt) Ltd, Rose Garden, Hotel Stargazer for your next event will leave you with a memorable culinary experience.

Product descriptions/ Description of services

Catering Sri Lanka with excellence, for 30 years!  

“Athula Caterers (Pvt) Ltd” , “Simply Delicious Catering” has always been The Sri Lanka’s Favorite Catering  Leader. Everybody can COOK, but everybody does not know the art of culinary. For that we are well known as  the people who know the state of the art. What is important is to cook and prepare the food deliciously  according to everybody’s palate, and present them in a nicer way.  

In this respect we are in the forefront with a team of well- trained and well- qualified cooks, an experienced  service staff and an experienced managerial group. We are also well equipped with modern kitchens with all  the facilities such as cold storage; a network of radio controlled transport service, Largest kitchen inventory ,  Cutlery. We are also in possession of the largest stock of furniture and equipment for any occasion.  It is possible for us to prepare a set menu, according to your wish and/or according to your requirement.  Whether it is a wedding, home-coming, house warming ceremony or any other festivity our staff can prepare  western or eastern dishes or Sri Lankan Rice and curry or even traditional milk- rice and its combinations.  Similarly we can provide you with BBQ or Mongolian BBQ service stations. Our services include catering for  alms- giving, with special vegetarian dishes. As you are well aware, we are also quite famous for our special  dessert table.  

If you are looking for a place in a quite environment with a pleasant ambiance to celebrate your wedding,  home-coming or any other similar reception the ideal place is the series of reception halls within the “Rose  Garden” and “ Hotel Stargazer” which is beautifully located in Kadawata and Ja ela outer circle expressways.  Your guests are important to you. They are also important to us.  

AC Kitchen provides creative, professional event catering for any situation. Corporate events, family  celebrations, concert green room and crew, all of these are situations where Athula Caterers (Pvt) Ltd excels.  We will work with you to create the right menu and atmosphere for any setting. Casual or formal, in home or in  our five star banquette complexes.  

Food is a passion for chef Athula and Luxmi Kaluarachchi. Their love of food comes from their family who often  gathers to share a meal and spend time with each-other. They respect for diversity is the driving force behind  his hunger for knowledge of international cuisine. From Sri Lankan, American, Mexican, and Italian to Asian,  European, and Middle Eastern; Athula Caterers Pvt Ltd can cook it all! 

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