Tiger Woods and AshleyMadison.com

In a publicity stunt, the adultery site AshleyMadison.com sent Tiger Woods an agreelocal hookup near ment which offered him $5 million for “advertisement, recommendation, purchase and marketing” of their dating website.

At this time eventually, padraig harrington is now offering a 4th alleged mistress which may create him an ideal top guy for all the unfaithfulness dating site. I have a feeling, that the $1 billion-dollar sporting events figure wouldn’t actually give consideration to these types of a deal. ????

Really however, Ashley Madison don’t let this advertising possibility that Tiger Woods offered them go to waste. They supplied Tiger Woods a contract which they knew, however refuse. By linked themselves using hottest development subject of few days, thirty days and perhaps even year, AshleyMadison.com received an abundance of no-cost international press.

For lots more on the tale, check out the New York routine News.

Revision: (2009-12-08) – Tiger Woods is now offering 10 alleged mistresses.

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